Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dear Reader

This blog was started some ten years ago and I guess I sort of left it and never returned. The posts left behind perhaps paint an interesting capture of a more secretive side of my life and nature that few people know is there.

Take heart dear reader.

 I am a gentle spirit with nothing but love and compassion in my heart for my fellow people and for myself. Much has happened in ten years and yet so much has stayed the same. I don't ask for your approval or acceptance. I only wish to present readers with an opportunity to make their own judgments about the kind of person I am.

Nothing more nothing less.

For those thrown off by the overly religious feel to my blog I want to say that I am more of a philosopher than anything. Belief systems of all kinds fascinate me as do the social sciences. I am a person of faith to be sure. I am not a person of the Holy Mother Church and my relationship with organized religion is like the relationship between a disowned child to their root parents. I do not have a problem with organized religion, rather most organized religions have a problem with me for one reason or another.

I believe in aliens, and life on other planets, and the possibility of super-consciouses, and the power of nature that is so commonly mistaken for greater forces. I believe in divination and the scientific method. Adaptation and evolution. Modern medicine and eastern medicine. As well as the power of the mind to endure any and all suffering and debilitation.

I believe that humans have the propensity for great good and great evil and every nuance of gray matter in-between.

I believe that we as individuals can either be victims of our various existences or masters of them. I live by the notion that no matter what anyone has or has not contributed to the world or what their character and actions or reactions in life are that we are all equalized in the finality of our own mortality and that, so long as people are born, they will always inevitably die and that their good or bad works in the world will live and then die with them.

I have lived a difficult life. It has been a life and will continue to be one that I would have never chosen for myself. I try not to dwell on that which I cannot change and do not have control over. I have found a measure of happiness that is steady and reproducible. A joy for life that only grows and I will never allow to diminish. It is a love for life that the wise among you will recognize and some of you may seek some day to share with me perhaps. Or perhaps not. Of the number who move past me, I will never know.

What am I to them and them to me but grains of sand wiped from my eyes every morning as if they were never there? Such people will move out of my personal reality.

Only the worthy can remain.

So welcome dear reader.

Learn about me here if you wish or go from me if you will. I'll likely not know one way or another about it.

But if my words capture you in some way. Enough that you feel you can respect me as a person and find value in me enough to engage my company then maybe...Just maybe this is a starting place. A bridge point to begin the process of human connection.

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