Sunday, October 12, 2008

A New Chapter In An Already Worn Out Book

It's kind of funny how this thing got started.

I was sitting on my sofa with my lap top in front of me just minding my own business when I suddenly got this random urge to delve into some inner trifle I was experiencing. Alot of times when I allow my mind to wander certain long ignored issues will crop up and demand my examinations. Thanks to the glory of the internet all I had to do from there was to type in a few key words until I found something relevant to whatever I was thinking about.

Somehow my curious peak at Dealing With Abandonment Issues...lead to me reading a blog about Living and Dealing With Chronic ChronicBabes!

The last one was particularly fascinating. Talk about putting a smile on this ChronicBabe's face!


What I walked away with was the idea that maybe it might benefit me to blog about my life experiences and insights from the interesting vantage point of a rock'n woman who just so happens to live with the pitfalls and unexpected joys that come with having a Chronic Illness. A Chronic Illness that also just so happen to carry with it the burden of chronic pain and disability.

Sound depressing? Well that's certainly not my aim as you will discover as I begin posting future entries. You will also find interesting commentary about the other things that impact my life. Such as my lifestyle and other categories that make me oh so lovely as a human being.

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